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About this document

1941 was the first year the WR was offered by Harley-Davidson. This January 1941 "Dealer's Net price list of special parts available for
competition motorcycles" is thus the first associated with WR models
. It also includes the special WLDR parts. Click on the pics for a
much larger version optimized for print.

Page 1
Front cover with index
Page 2
Cylinders, heads, plugs
and valve train
Page 3
Tappets, pistons, rings
and connecting rods
Page 4
Flywheels, shafts, gears, cams, intake & exhaust pipes
Page 5
Carburator, magnetos, front chain, motor sprockets
Page 6
Sprockets, transmission gears, tanks, pads & other miscelaneous
Page 6
Back cover with oil pump add