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About this document

This 1941 factory WR flat tappet blueprint set gives detailled information on WR flat tappet specifications. These pages include precise
measurements of the angles of the flat tappet soles. These
had to be machined to match the WR tilted vales and straight cam lobes. Every
tappet is specific to a cam/valve: all shoe "soles" have diffrent angles. Click on the pics for a much larger version optimized for print.

Rear intake WR tappet assembly

Front intake WR tappet assembly


Rear exhaust WR tappet assembly
Front exhaust WR tappet assembly

This document was provided to us by Beachdog who has been messing with WR & WLDR bikes for over 30 years. It was given to
him by an old time racer from the midwest.