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>> 1948 Dealer Announcement WR models for 1949

About this document
This Dealer Announcement dates from September 20th 1948. It is titled "Specifications for WR models for 1949".
It indicates that for 1949 there will be two versions of the WR available: the WR dirt track model and the WR TT model for road racing. This is the first ever use of the "WRTT" term by the factory. Prior to 1949, all WR models were delivered by the factory with brakes, footboards, front fender etc... Racers then modified the bike to suit there racing needs by removing parts [brakes etc...] or ordering special parts from the "Competion Parts Catalogs".

Unfortunatly the version we have is not vey good quality, but readable. If anyone has a better version, we'de love to have it!