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2003 Spa - Francorchamps Classic Races

The Official B.O.S team: Eric, Marina, the El Camino & the 1943 Flathead racer. Ready to go racing! The guys with the masterplan: organize a race in Belgium. Fred "Krugger" on left, Chris of W&W France on right.

Serious stuff! left to right: Indian Sport Scout, 1951 WR, 1943 WL Racer, 1948 WR, JD Racer, 1950 WR & 1948 WR.
  First lineup on startline. First of 6 races in the weekend! Harry Hacker of Harleysons Eric of B.O.S
Alfred Wagner of Harleysons Paul Jung of W&W Cycles Wrecking Crew   Pierre Cantarruti on 1951 WR
  Orange tents: flathead racing headquarters    
A racer's work is never done Paul of W&W Cycles

Alfred of Harleysons  
Eric of B.O.S & Malte from Norway Harry Hacker discussing with Pierre   Official support crew & bus to go around the 7km track
Left to right: Wolfgang , boss of W&W, Paul & Eric fine tuning Wico mag. European racers & enthusiasts Eric & Fred "Krugger" Malte from Norway & Eric from B.O.S
Indian scout in front followed by Paul & Alfred. Harley Vs Indian!
Paul & Alfred in fierce battle!
Indian Scout
  Alfred & Harry on finish line. Eric crossing finish line.  

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More about the Spa-Francorchamps Racetrack

Total length: 6.968 km
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