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Sept. 2004
Bonneville , Utah - USA

Oh yeah!

Dennis Manning & team This streamliner is the reason is the reason Triumph later called it's most popular model the "Bonneville"

More "Oh Yeah!" Bonneville knuckle   Sunrise around 6h30 am


This engine was specially conceived by BUB Enterprise to go after the motorcycle world land speed record   Broken Spoke Chief racer

  Kool KR

Burgers for breakfast, burgers for lunch, burgers for dinner...

Some guys are just asking to blow up their engine.   The course: where the bullshit stops.

Sam Wheeler's 330 Mph streamliner  

"Ack Attack" streamliner off to a run.

  Gasoline is for washing parts. Alcohol is for drinking. Nitro is for racing!   This guy was going after the Rollie Free record on a Vincent!
  "Ack Attack" streamliner after a crash at 270 Mph!  

  Quick Time Video of Sam Wheeler passing by at 334 Mph
(3.7 Megabytes)

  Quick Time Video of Jimmy Odon / Ack Attack crash at about 270Mph
(8.2 Megabytes)

  More great pics & info on the BUB website: