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In September 2004 I visited my friend Chuck VERNON who is the world expert on Crocker Motorcycles. Chuck cared about these bikes when nobody else did. To make a long story short: when Crocker shut down right before the war, the Crocker history and legend was kept alive by Elmo LOOPER. He passed his knowledge on to Ernie SKELTON who shared his passion with Chuck. Ernie SKELTON is no longer with us. Today, far from the Crocker market craze and at over 85 years of age, Chuck's love and interest for Crockers is intact.

The bike featured in this gallery is the ORIGINAL CROCKER TWIN PROTOTYPE - Serial number 36-61-1X
It features many details specific to the early Crocker twin models, including the famous "hemi heads" which equipped the 17 first models off the line. Chuck not only let me start the bike, he offered for me to take it out for a ride which I was delighted to accept.

Thanks to Chuck historic bikes such as this one still hit the road where they belong.

The hemi head engine

  Chuck VERNON and # 1X

  The impeccable Crocker taillight

Serial number 36-61-1X

Early Crocker cam cover with cast in oil pump (too troublesome to use)