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Crocker OHC Speedway engine

In 1935, following the success of his OHV Single speedway model, Al Crocker developped this overhead cam shaft engine. Only two or three engines were built. However, by that time, Crocker was also concentrating his efforts on his new OHV 61" twin road model that would come out in 1936 and the overhead cam single speedway project was put aside. The photo above shows Miny Waln testing the single OHC.

All photographs below by Doug Mitchel - they are copywritten and used with his permission.
Doug was working on a Crocker book project which was cancelled. We got wind of it and asked if he would be willing to let us use the photos for the site and he said ok. Thanks a million Doug. If you have needs of high quality Crocker photos for publications, books or magazines, let us know and we'll hook you up.