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>> 1948 WR : Paul Jung

This beautifull 1948 WR is restored, owned and heavily raced by Paul Jung of the W&W Cycles Germany Wrecking Crew.
It has motor number 48 WR 2587.

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More about this bike
The bike was purchased in June 2000 from an Ohio dealer. It was complete but disassembled and obviously stored since many years in 18 beer cardboard boxes. After arrival in Germany it took 8 months for the restoration which was straightforward because all components were in pretty good shape. After completion the WR was taken to its first race in Germany at the Schleizer Dreieck racetrack in July 2002.

Factory racing power plant with WR valve train, MR 3 aluminum carburetor and WICO vertical magneto ignition. PJ installed K model type pistons which are heavier than standard aluminum WR pistons so flywheels were rebalanced. The front crankcase baffle had been removed by a former tuner so additional front cylinder oiling was installed by PJ.

Transmission & Drive train
S pecial factory close ratio racing transmission. The early clutch gear allows the use of narrow clutch and primary housing of models thru 1940 for more cornering clearance. Another factory special is the aluminum (!) sprocket cover.


Chassis, Brakes & Wheels
- Standard WL-type frame.
- Standard springer fork with ride control & steering damper.
- WR seat & P-pad.
- Original WR rear fender (thin sheet metal).
- Standard front and rear brake.
- Custom bent racing handlebars.
- 18" front and rear wheel with Avon Racing Tires

Gas & Oil Tanks
Narrow style WR tanks

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