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>> 1937 Petrali Streamliner - 1951 Speed run
Did you know the Petrali Streamliner had a second life?
Take a close look at these pics taken from an article of the September 1951 "Hop up" magazine at Rosamond Dry Lake,
and you'll recognize the Petrali Streamliner in an all chrome version!
The bike was part of the Bus Schaller Team and
the pilot was Irwin Lee. Irwin got the best time that day reaching 138.99 mph which which is actually better than the
speed Joe Petrali has originally reached in 1937 [136.183 mph]!
The "Schaller Cams" camp

Close up of the camp
The Petrali Streamliner
1951 chrome style
Panhead lakester
which ran the same day
Bike for fun