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>> 1937 Petrali Knuck - Jim Lattin bike

1937 Yellow Petrali Racer
In 2001 & 2002, Jim Lattin and his team went out on a wild & crazy project:
locate several of the original Petrali bike parts which had vanished in the 1950's after the bike's
engine exploded at a speed run. They found many original parts such as the engine [37 EL 1002],
the transmission, frame, front end, steering dampener etc...Their research also made them come
to the conclusion that the bike was first yellow, before being painted blue. This is the reason their version of the bike
,which probably has more original parts then the one H-D has [especially the engine cases!], is painted yellow.

Extra special thaks to Charlie Lecach for these pics. Charlie was at Daytona in 2003 and was able to take the bike out on the beach to take these pics. This was the first time that the orginal bike was taken back where the original speed run happened in 1937!

Charlie Lecach at speed...almost
The lucky bastard got to sit on the bike!