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WR by Nice! MC Japan

Alfred Wagner's 1939 WLDR in Germany

Mark Austin's1941 Daytona WR in Daytona

Al Knapp Racer


1948 Dirt track WR

Paul Jung's 1948 WR in Germany

Scarry Larry's 1949 WR project

1951 WR seen on eBay


WR by Nice! MC Japan

WR from the "Heroes of HD" exhibit

Bonneville WL by JDE in France


1939 WLDR 1951 WR in Japan

1952 WR [rare!]



1940 WLDR

WR Replica street bobber

1949 WR


1941 WRTT

1939 WLDR


WL Racer


WL Racer

Moon Lite Cycles Racer