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>>WR Chrome Moly frame

Part # 47006-48R.... Light Frame
For track racing & hillclimb

Sometime in 1948, Harley-Davidson introduced a special WR chrome moly frame in their competition parts catalog (first listed in "Supplement to Competition Parts Catalog May 1st 1948 Issue"). This frame was intended for use on WR dirt track & hillclimb machines. The Harley WR chrome moly frames are notorious for cracking. In fact they were so fragile that Harley only offered them for 1948 & 1949 and dropped them as soon as 1950, going back to standard frames even for dirt track machines. Many racers & restorers have modified stock frames to look like a chrome moly. The one pictured here is the real thing. special thanks to William Beleck for sending us these photos.

I'm looking for one of these frames for one of my personal restorations. Please email me if you can help.