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>>WR "Daytona" large tanks - 1949 - 1950 type

61005-49R ..... Set of wide gas tanks with rubber mounts
Approximately 2 1/2 gallons each. Used with aluminium Oil Tank only.

The info above comes from the April 1950 "Dealer's Net price list of parts available for competition motorcycles".
These tanks were offered as an option on WR models for long races such as Daytona. Similar type of large tanks existed prior to this type for 1937 to 1938 WLDR models [click here for a gallery of those]. The older WLDR models held 6 gallons and could be used as a gas/oil tanks set, while the type seen here was set up for gas/gas only, and had to be used with the "under seat" aluminium oil tank. The gas/gas type first appeared in 1939 and was different in shape than the example you see here [click here for a gallery the 1939+ type]. Aside from tank emblem/paint design, the 1949 version of the tank offers rubber mounts and flat internal sides, while previous types maintained the kidney shape on the left tank, even though both sides were used for gas. Special thanks to Mike Carter for supplying the pictures of the tanks you see here.

I'm looking for a set of Daytona tanks, any year/type, for a personal project.. Please email us if you can help!