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The almighty Wico XV 1922
stock on most 1948-1952 WRs

Notice special HD cap
Only 2 outputs used

Beauty shot

Wico XV 1922 vertical types

Wico base

Wico base , shaft & coupler
Wico base & coupler
dimensions [in mm]
Wico base inside
Wico magneto main body inside
Coupler drive pictures & dimensions [in inches]
Coupler pictures

NOS wico points

NOS X series Airplane Wicos
Same aspect as HD style but interanls are very different

38 NOS Wicos in some lucky guy's attic...

Original Wico plates were painted red. This is an X series plate. HD used XV series.

Wico Service manual exploded view of XV series.


Wico caps came in 2, 4 or 6 output versions. One was specially made for HD.