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>>Building the B.O.S Racer - 2003

The Beauty of Speed Racer - 2003 version
how it all started
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Bought this bike as
a basis for my racer.

Bike came from South Africa where it had been laying around in the bush for years.

Bike was originally military 1941 WL with correct motor, 16" wheels etc...

Bike was very tired and needed ALOT of work.

Ripped the 16" wheels for 18"

First mockup

WR Crankpin & shafts

WR rods

Relief work

This is ALOT of work but well worth it

Relief work

Big valves

Modified 3 bolt manifold
to 4 bolt with M53

Smoothed out camcover

Cam cover with Sportster needle bearings

Cylinder base oiling extra circuit

Rear cylinder base oiling

Front cylinder base oiling

Intake leak testing

First mount in our very special frame & forks

Recognize the African WL???

Safety wiring

Safety wiring

Racer skeleton

Almost done



Want to see the complete and finished 2003 bike?
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