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The Beauty of Speed Racer
2004 Version - building gallery
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WR style tanks built by Milwaukee Belle

2003 bike version with new tanks: frame, forks & sheetmetal not yet painted.


After 2003 season,, prototype frame sent back to Francis of Milwaukee Belle for checkup and re-enforcement of rear section.

Painted frame

I shaped a rear chain clearance
on new aluminium rear fender.

I did the seat on the 2003 bike so I decided to try making a rear fender pad to match it for the new version of the bike.


Shaped on wood

Turned out pretty nice for my first rear fender pad!

First coat of paint on tank

Decals applied by my painter Jean.

Just before the clear coat.

Perfect! I had this paint scheme in mind for years and it turned out just like I wanted it.

Starting to look like a bike again.

I decided to drills holes everywhere I could to save weight.

Milwaukee Belle forks painted and fitted with newly cadmium plated springs & small parts.
Perfect for the 1930's look I'm aiming for.


I found a set of 1950 WR cases 2 months before my first 2004 race. I decide to build a
WR engine to replace the WL race engine I raced in 2003. I had been saving parts for a project
like this so I have most of the other bits



Conceived, built & raced by Eric J. Mathieu
- Tuned 1950 WR engine
- Fairbanks-Morse Magneto ignition
- MR3 Linkert racing carb w/ S&S Thunderjet
- WR standard ratio transmission
- "Milwaukee Belle" tubular light frame and forks
- "Milwaukee Belle" WR style narrow tanks
- 1970's HD alloy rims
- Timken star hubs
- Stock WL rear brake - dual cam WLC type front brake
- WP steering dampener
- homemade seat & rear fender pad

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