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Crocker 1934 Speeway Racer #12

In the early 1930s, Al Crocker started offering 500cc single OHV speedway racers. It is believed that approximatly 30 of these bikes were built. They did very well at speedway tracks in the United States until J.A.P came out with a new engine circa around 1935 that whipped out all competition. At that point, Al Crocker and Paul Bigsby worked on a OHC single (Over head cam) to replace their former speedway model.It is believed that they built two OHC prototypes (click here to learn more). The project however was dropped in favor of Al Crocker's new obsession, his 61ci OHV road model.

All photographs below by Doug Mitchel - they are copywritten and used with his permission.
Doug was working on a Crocker book project which was cancelled. We got wind of it and asked if he would be willing to let us use the photos for the site and he said ok. Thanks a million Doug. If you have needs of high quality Crocker photos for publications, books or magazines, let us know and we'll hook you up.